2012 Awardees Announced!

WESTAF is proud to announce the recipients of the first ever Independent Music on Tour (IMTour) Program grant. 

Over 50 artists applied to the inaugural IMTour Program. Our national panel selected the following artists from the Front Range of Colorado:

IAN COOKE // bio / video / music

MANE ROK // bio / video / music

PAPER BIRD // biovideo / music

SNAKE RATTLE RATTLE SNAKE // biovideo / music

THE CHANGING COLORS// biovideo / music

THE PHOTO ATLAS // biovideo / music

These musicians will receive financial and technical support for touring in the West and will be made available for performance to nonprofit music presenters in the West through additional IMTour grant funds. 

The final artists were chosen by a national panel of music industry professionals, consisting of  Erick Carer from Uncle Booking, Stefan Goldby from Buzzine and Craig Grossman and David Priebe from Green Room Music Source

WESTAF is excited to begin working with this diverse and talented roster. The level of artistic talent and professionalism will ensure program success and give valuable national exposure for these great Colorado-based musicians. 

Sincere thanks go to all artists who applied. WESTAF is currently reviewing additional ways we can support independent music touring in the West. 

For more information on these artists and their involvement with IMTour, please contact Bryce Merrill at bryce.merrill@westaf.org or 303-629-1166. 

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